Lingacom Ltd. is a developer and manufacturer of Muon-based detection solutions for the homeland security, mining exploration, archaeological, industrial and civil engineering industries. Our proprietary technology is based on high energy natural atmospheric Cosmic Ray Muons that are the most penetrating charged particles on earth. Combining these cosmic particles with in-house expertise on high spatial resolution detectors, Lingacom’s tomography capabilities far exceed what is currently available in the market.

Our solutions consist of various types of Muon detectors, in addition to corresponding front end electronics and software, which provide Lingacom with the ability to quickly analyze and refine scientific developments related to materials and detection techniques that ultimately lead to closer collaboration with our partners and end-users and customization based on their specific needs.

Lingacom is a privately held company located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Within the company are an array of highly skilled multi-disciplined professionals with unparalleled experience in the industry at product development, business, Muon-based detection techniques and detectors through their extensive exposure to high energy and particle physics.