Civil Engineering Underground Survey

Lingacom’s civil underground imaging relies on our cosmic ray muon solution to provide non-destructive imaging of underground soil densities.

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Inspection Of Containers & Vehicles

Lingacom technology detects high-Z materials, such as shielded nuclear and radioactive materials (“Dirty Bombs”) in containerized cargo and vehicles.

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Mineral Mapping & Geological Imaging

Lingacom’s underground exploration extracts information on the depths of geological layers and soil densities above the muon detectors.

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Our Satisfied Customers

"Thanks to Lingacom’S muon borehole sensor our detection coverage significantly improved compared to all existing borehole sensors and it saves us the “blind drilling"

Civil Engineering Firm

Lingacom Ltd. develops and fabricates muon-based detection solutions for security, mining exploration, industrial and civil applications. Our green, radiation-free solutions target imaging for the security market and underground mapping for uses in areas like mining exploration.

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The product is a low-cost passive vehicle scanning system to prevent theft by an insider from nuclear or radioactive sites. The product is based on muon detection system that is capable to detect high-Z materials used in nuclear..

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Combined Radiographic And Muon Detection System

Lingacom's security solution provides an efficient and radiation-free solution for seaports, airports, border crossings, critical infrastructure and sensitive locations. Lingacom is offering the following security solutions: (1) sea and air container inspection and (2) vehicle inspection.

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Lingacom Civil Engineering

Lingacom's civil underground foundation imaging relies on cosmic ray muon solutions that perform a non-destructive imaging of underground soil densities and foundations.

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COSMIC program proposes a novel technological approach for the detection of CBRNE materials hidden in shipping containers. COSMIC project includes the research, design and implementation of a three stage

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Lingacom Mineral Explorations and Geological Imaging

Lingacom's "underground exploration using cosmic ray muons" maps the underground soil densities using muons. The mapping extracts information on the depths of the geological layers and the soil densities above the muon detectors.

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