about Lingacom

The leading provider of cosmic ray muons imaging systems for security and underground applications.

Lingacom Ltd.’s state-of-the-art muon detection system provides muon-based detection solutions for the homeland security, civil engineering, archaeological, industrial, and mining exploration industries. Lingacom’s muon technology uses radiation-free natural cosmic ray muon particles, proprietary imaging algorithms, and detectors with high spatial resolution that are developed and manufactured in-house.

Our mission

To commercialize a patented, state-of-the-art suite of detection solutions built on our proprietary muon-based detectors, algorithms, and imaging technology.


Drastically improved detection coverage, false-positive rates, and form factor of detectors for the civil engineering, mineral exploration, and homeland security industries.

Hands-on support

We provide customers and partners on-site support for underground mapping and the HLS market.

OEM White Labeling

Lingacom provides its customers and partners business models based on OEM white labeling including all the customization, marketing, and technical support for wide deployment.