Lingacom Ltd. provides industries with new mapping technology based on the high penetration capabilities of our cosmic ray muon detection system. The new solutions provide the homeland security, mining exploration, archaeological, industrial, and civil engineering industries new imaging possibilities that are beyond the existing mapping tools.

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Civil Engineering

Lingacom provides the civil construction industry with innovative mapping products to prevent future collapses of bridges, towers, and dams due to poor foundation and abutment rock conditions.

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Homeland Security

Lingacom offers an efficient and radiation-free solution for seaports, airports, border control, critical infrastructure, sensitive locations, and nuclear and radioactive sites to detect shielded nuclear and radioactive materials (i.e.”Dirty Bombs”) in containerized cargo and vehicles.

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Defense & Military

Lingacom provides the defense and military industries with new imaging capabilities for underground survey and detection of shielded nuclear and radioactive materials.

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Mineral Explorations

Lingacom provides the mining, mineral exploration, and geological industries with state-of-the-art mapping to map density changes for the detection of minerals deposits and geological objects.

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